Three cycling grades

Our route descriptions refer to the following Cycling grades to help you decide on the kind of route that best suits your level of fitness : Easy, Moderate and Challenging.

Definition of cycling grades


Relaxed cycling for leisure cyclists. Plenty of time to relax en-route and not many hills. On average, you should expect to be cycling for 3-4 hours on a cycling day Distance per Day: Less than 35 km


A more energetic holiday, perfect for occasional riders. Longer days so a better level of bike fitness required. Distance per Day: 36 - 55 km


You can expect longer distances and some challenging sections. Perfect for regular cyclists who lead a fit and active lifestyle. Distance per Day: 56 - 80 km

Note the following

The definitions serve as a guideline. Please also study the route descriptions The definitions apply to average country road surfaces The daily distance is a general guideline for country roads.  A shorter distance may fall within a category if there are more steep climbs and descents than the general description for a specific grade. In some cases we are incorporating sections of MTB trails into our route. In such instances we are using die definitions of to supplement our grading.