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What is a walking holiday

Walking holidays-described


Walking holiday- a holiday on which you walk a lot, especially in the countryside” –Collins Dictionary

Walking toura full or partial-day tour of one or more tourist destinations, which can be led by a tour guide, an escort” Wikipedia

Self-guided tours utilises a range of methods to travel through a location or landscape – they can be in books, pamphlets, or recorded material” –Wikipedia

Continuous walking holiday

A walking holiday (guided or self-guided) can either be hotel-to-hotel /village-to-village (“continuous”-) or a “centre based” itinerary (return to central hotel every day). Luggage transfers are provided to the overnight location. In the case of a self-guided package the tour operator provides route maps and directions. Go to About us for details of our approach and view the available destinations in Walking tours South Africa


Why walking holidays ?

It offers all the benefits of walking . Refer to the Health benefits of walking. In addition you will have an interesting itinerary which will reveal secrets of the area, which can best be explored on foot. The program generally caters for a variety of interests.

We prefer to offer self-guided routes because you can explore at your own pace.  You can make the best of carrying a light day-pack (not like in hiking). You can focus on the area and your personal interests

A very big difference between the type of “walking holiday” that we offer and back-packing lies in the accommodation. Our panel of hotels/guest houses are conveniently located and have been selected to compliment the experience. We prefer a “continuous” itinerary from hotel-to-hotel. It gives a sense of journey and variety.